Thursday, November 12, 2009

Assessing a Job Applicants Counterproductive Traits

The session was presented by L. Martin Johnson, PsyD, MBA - Hawaii Center for Psychology

This session was packed and the presenter explained that many mistakes in hiring are made due to the fact that we are "too nice" and "too busy". He explained that a key factor in hiring is to "hire the attitude" and "train the skills". Attitudes are difficult to change, but skills can be taught in relatively short time.

Other hiring tips included listening for "stories" and "roles" and know that the interviewee will likely repeat the story again. For instance, a "hero" or "victim" will each gravitate back to this role given the opportunity in the future. Having multiple interviewers, as well as interviews will ensure that patterns will emerge and be recognized throughout the hiring process.

Common mistakes in hiring include: Feeling sorry for the interviewee; not checking references thoroughly; and making assumptions about knowledge and experience. Always ask applicants what they would bring to the job.

This session offered lots of helpful hints for the hiring process!

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