Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ulukau Redesigned

Presenters: Ruth Horie, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; Robert Stauffer, Alu Like

Ulukau is a Web-based digital library of Hawaiiana. The default language for the interface is Hawaiian, but you can switch to an English interface with a single click.

Ulukau was originally launched in 2004. The latest design was introduced this last summer.

Greenstone, an open source digital library management system, has been used in the redesign. It runs on Apple OS or Linux. It uses the MARC21 bibliographic format, which gets converted to XML for web display. The server is at UH Hilo. 

Keiki Kawaiae'a at UH Hilo forwarded the original concept, and m many others contributed in various capacities. 

When building a digital library, you don't start with a list and create records from it; You start with the records, and build the lists from them.

Ulukau was initially linked to Hawaii Digital Library, which had the English language materials, where Ulukau had the Hawaiian language titles. The redesigned site incorporates both into one database.

Ulukau includes a variety of materials, books, newspapers, and special features. Now there are 222 books, with 37 special features. 

One special feature is the MELE Hawaiian Music Archive from the Honolulu Community College. It has newsletters, a Hawaiian Music Sourcebook, books, educational videos, and will eventually include chants.

Ulukau's has tab labeled "Waihona" (or Wings). This allows users to browse by broad category. For example, the Curriculum wing has links to lesson plans, videos, audio recording, etc. 

In September, there were 52,000 visitors to the site, including some from Iraq (the presenters have heard some soldiers were planning a luau, and speculates that may have driven traffic from that region).  The average visitor looks at 8 pages and spend 6 minutes on the site. The site statistics come from Greenstone and also Google Analytics. 

The project uses a product called FineReader for Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

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