Monday, November 8, 2010

Dashing Through the Hills

Gail Fujimoto provided an concise introduction to The Kamehameha Schools (Kapalama Campus) transition to becoming more accessible digitally. With the introduction of 1 to 1 laptops for students and decreased print usage it has become essential that their library increasingly incorporate ebooks into the collection.

Kawika Makamani discussed how the DASH program was the deciding factor that to choose ebrary as their database selection. DASH is a program that allows libraries to upload their own materials (such as Kamehameha Published books) into the ebrary database that their students can access. Dash also allows them to controll access, they can make materials not only available to their students but also the public. The main selling point for ebrary was not their collection of 50,000 ebooks, but the abilty to provide students with out of publication books.

Mr. Makamani also explained some of the powerful tools this services provides such as: being able to navigate by pages, bookmark pages, print up to 60 pages at a time, and the use of "Info Tools" which allows students to take notes and save annotations in a bookshelf that can be created to save files. Dash also allows administrators the power to control access: who can access (students vs. public) and how many can access certain materials at one time.

The audience asked if a software is required to access ebrary and yes you are required to download the ebrary reader onto your computer for you to be able to access the various ebooks.

Mr. Makamani ended his presentation by offering publishers/people to submit their own collections or materials to be made accessible through DASH.

-- Lea Domingo

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