Monday, November 8, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Technical Services Edition

Only Kathleen Stacey was able to present at HLA, Brian Bays, however, helped her put together their excellent presentation on how Edwin H Mookini Library's Technical Services Department made both a physical and functional makeover.

Kathleen first presented how their section did an "Extreme" physical makeover. Through pictures she showed how the section transitioned from an outdated and poorly functional space into one that pleased most of the staff. Everything began with the usual tasks of boxing up everything and moved into shuffling stage as staff was moved around onto floors and spaces that were not being renovated. Next came the planning stage where bids were made for new furniture and Office Draw was used to design the floor plan of their new space. Staff decided that cubicles should be purchased so they could have a sense of having their own office space. The only mistakes they made in their design was buying too-big cubicles and not providing a bigger common space.

The next phase of the makeover was the functional renovation, which required a workflow analysis. After analyzing the collection process and roles it was discovered that their work flow was ineffecient. They discovered that 80% of materials purchased were serials and e-materials and only 20% regular print materials. But only one staff member was responsible for the serials and e-materials processing while a large portion of the staff was focused on print materials. As a result staff was reorganized into those who decide what to buy and those who do the actual processing. Currently this functional renovation is still a work in progress.

Congratulations and good luck to the Edwin H. Mookini Technical Services Department!

-- Lea Domingo

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