Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Innovating in a hyper-connected world

[Previously titled: New Technologies for Hawaii’s Libraries]
Burt Lum, “Bytemarks Café’”, Hawaii Public Radio

10 tenets of innovation
1. Ideas can come from anywhere
2. Build on your creative assets
3. Freedom to brainstorm
Defer judgment, encourage wild ideas, build on ideas of others, respect individual voices, stay focused, be visual, go for quality.
4. Share the ideas, transparent
Don’t try to own an idea – share credit with everyone and put egos aside: the best ideas are those that everyone feels free to build on.
5. License to pursue your passion
6. Innovation is not instant perfection
The idea is the beginning of the processes, ideas must be nurtured and imporoved.
7. Fail often, fail fast
Try, fail, move on. Much of success is a numbers game – be open to failure.
Risk what you can afford.
(ex. Google Wave – never took off, but they gave it a try and then STOPPED trying when it was clear it wouldn’t work.)
8. Innovation aligns to strategy
Remember your goals, and innovate with an eye to fulfilling those goals.
9. Focus on patrons, not the status quo.
10. Don’t kill prospects, morph them. Learn lessons from failures.

10 Examples of innovation
Twitter can work as a gauge of what people are talking about. Use it to see what people are saying about us – what they think. (ex. @hawaiibookblog)
Facebook is a good way to bring people together, but if you’re going to have a page, you’ve got to work it. (Examples: Hawaii State Public Library System and Kukui High School) The first of the examples has only two followers – it isn’t being used to its best advantage. The Kukui High School page has over 3000 followers because the owners have developed and promoted the page. [note from author: the HSPLS page at Facebook appears to have been generated from a Wikipedia article and has no visible HSPLS affiliation. I was unable to confirm this in the time available.]
3. Virtual communities
(ex. ning)
4. Ustream (ex. “Mix it up Hawaii”)
5. Community blogs (ex. Hawaii Book Blog )
6. Ebooks
7. Book communities (ex Good Reads , Bookcrossing )
8. Video podcasts
9. Pecha Kucha 20 seconds, 20 slides [note: the speaker did not have time to show a site for this one, I added it.]

The notes for this presentation are available at http://bytemarks.pbworks.com
For more information on the speaker, see his website Bytemarks.

-- Stacy Judy

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