Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What happens in marriages where one partner prefers print and the other e-books?

Al Sison 
Marital therapist and psychologist

Marriage and family therapists look for areas of function and dysfunction in three categories: Boundaries, Attachments, and Rituals. They then ask three questions: what is the issue, what is the dysfunction, and what is the heart of the matter.
The conflict between couples with one partner favoring ebooks and the other traditional books is one that has become more prevalent in recent years.
Mr. Sison asked a number of his patients about their reasons for preferring ebook or print. Those who prefer print do so for reasons that are either logical or visceral.

Attachment to books
Easier to read
Better use of time: a traditional book can just be open anywhere without having to turn on a device.

or Visceral:
Traditional books feel “real”
Traditional books smell “real”

Mr. Sison's patients also gave reasons that the choice between books and ebooks might cause trouble in their relationships:

--Ebook readers look down on their partners for not embracing (or being able to embrace) technology

--Readers of traditional books like to be able to bend, write in, and highlight books.

--Readers of traditional books don't know what their partners are reading, and ebook readers don't want their partners to know.

--Ebook reading damages rituals like reading the newspaper together as a family on Sunday morning.

Mr. Sison sums up by saying that in the battle between ebook and traditional books, no one will win.

-- Stacy Judy

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